Holiday Mantles

A forever question from my decor clients is 'How do I style my mantle?'  And at the holidays it becomes even more perplexing!  The goal this year was to not buy anything new and to repurpose and reuse pieces I already had, and create some fun, new looks for my mantle.  
Modern Farmhouse 
This has been a very popular look and fits so well into holiday decor.  Lots of textures and cozy vibes.
The key to Modern Farmhouse is, textiles, greenery...but all the while keeping it simple and clean!  
I am not usually a fan of artificial greens, but these pine branches that I picked up from Michaels a few years back are pretty darn close to the pine I have in my yard!  I used a vintage Medalta pottery croc as a vessel and wrapped it up in a vintage wool tartan scarf.  
The Modern Farmhouse look often layers prints and artwork on shelves and mantles.  I got too creating a few holiday prints of my own on Canva and added them to existing frames...that can then go back to their original spots after the holidays!  New art work for the price of ink!  
Foraged Collections 
I may have a small collection of pottery vessels...I can never leave a handmade piece behind at the thrift shop!
I also am very fortunate to live in a home that was originally owned by a horticulturalist so the variety of trees I have to forage from in my own back yard is
With an abundance of smaller vessels like these you don't need much to make it feel full and plenty!  Small branches layered together with the beautiful pottery glazing....sigh...
To give this look a little more holiday flair I layered in bronze glitter balls and some mini lights.  You could apply this idea to any collection of vessels or vases you may have! 
Palm Holiday 
OK we got a little silly with this one!  I thought as much as I love being home for the holidays, this would be the year, if any that I would love to be in Palm Springs! 
Again working with what we had around the house I decided to give a few of my tropicals a trim!  Still layering the greens...just a different style! 
Palm Springs holiday is all about a little kitsch mix with a little glitter! 
One of the easiest ways to add a touch of the holidays is filling a bowl with Christmas balls.  I happened to have a few great vintage pedestal dishes that did the trick!  
And then to add our final silly touch I made pompoms from some colourful yarn...seriously haven't made pompoms since I was 8!  The Merry Christmas banner I already had, but this would be such an easy DIY.
A few things I think I want to add to my Palm Holiday mantle are these retro printable designs from Etsy 
And maybe this is the year I finally start my Putz House Village
Now the hunt for bottle brushes begins! 
Happy Holidays from Tipsy Palm  
These mantles were originally styled for a live decor segment I was part of...after pulling them all apart...and putting my mantle back together I landed on a combination of all 3 for my final look!  

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