Color Block Crazy

All the years spent perfectly folding sweaters and implementing planograms at Eaton's left me color wheel crazy! I organize Tipsy Palm & my personal closet this way and what can I brings me joy!

Having an organized and colour grouped closet is not only visually rewarding but it also allows you to see all the treasures you have tucked away back there!  I usually get inspired on a rainy or snowy Sunday afternoon and follow these few steps...

  • Sort your clothes...all of them!  Best way to do this is to pull them all and dump them on the bed!  Pile them in categories; t-shirts, blouses, blazers, pants, skirts....
  • Put your clothes away piece by piece.  I usually start with what goes on top, moving to bottoms and then on to dresses!  Hang them starting with white and work through the color wheel below with greys and blacks at the end.  As you go through each item it's a great time to have a consign & donation pile handy.                                                             
  • Mix patterned pieces in with their predominant color or have them in a section on their own.  
  • If you want it to be perfect hang all of your clothing in the same direction on similar hangers.  Your clothes will nest within each other this way and it actually frees up some space!  
  • Now that you have a beautiful color blocked closet the key is to keep it that way!  Keep empty hangers in one section so it is easy to pull a hanger and tuck away your clean laundry in the right spot!  



For the love of vintage,




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